What we offer

Offer: A bespoke interactive audio trail to suit your site. The options available for external or internal trails could be comprised of the following:

    1. Magical Trails – Fairies & Monsters, Pesky Pirates.
    2. Wildlife Trails – Wildlife native to the site.
    3. Nature Trails – Flora and Fauna native to the site.
    4. Heritage Trails – Local historical characters of the area.
    5. Domestic Trails – Pampered Pooches.
    6. Pick & Mix Trails – Faries, ghosts, monsters, nature, wildlife, or a mix from any of the above.

The trail will be unique to the individual site and comprise of up to 12 stops.

Audio & Artwork

SCAN the QR Code to view a demo trail

The audio would contain original characters and monologues. The characters would be selected in agreement with the customer.
The trail will be written, recorded and edited as a package and can be hosted on our website with a QR code provided for the participants to download, or can be provided to the customer to store on their own computer system. We would work with IT to support the installation.
We can provide unique artwork for individual characters.

Creating the Trail

We will work with the customer to create the trail.

    • The trail will require good internet access at the starting point  for the users. This will need to be checked prior to creating the trail.
    • A map would need to be produced identifying the position of each listening point.
    • A QR code would be created for the visitors to scan and open a webpage that would have pictures of all the characters.
    • The visitor would then select the picture when they arrive at the listening point to hear the relevant audio.
    • As part of the trail the map could also include a quiz.
    • Each listening post could also have a letter and when the visitor has collected them all it would be an anagram relating to the site.

Depending on the agreed trail, listening points can either be in the form of a picture placed around the walls inside the building or fairy doors and fairy houses (Bird boxes) that can be placed around a garden or woodland.

What you will need

Customer to supply:

    • Printing of leaflets, maps, quiz
    • Volunteers for the trail, to guide the visitors

We can help with Extras

In addition, we can offer

    • Ticket booking system
    • IT support and hosting if customer unable to do so
    • Working with local woodwork/craft groups to create the listening points
    • Storytelling launch event
    • Support in bidding for initial funding of the trail
    • Webhosting for the trail


We will work with you to provide the Trail to suit your requirements. We are now taking bookings for 2024.