Hive Storytellers

Hive Storytellers aim to bring heritage to life through: audio drama, writing, performing, music, Podcasts, script in hand performance and Fantastical Trails. These are intended to be fun, educational, and inspirational. Members develop their artistic skills through the medium of Audio Drama.


“Tell me a story.” A phrase as old as the hills.

The Storyteller will smile, sit in the forest, lean against an old oak tree and let the imagination run. Thoughts will whirl; an idea will fly . . .and settle like a bee on a petal.

Words from long ago, from the present – and from days to come . . . the gems will be selected and the story will begin.

And when it is over (does a story ever end?) the words will be spoken.  Others may lend their voices to enhance the tale . . . and then it will be ready for you, our listener.

You will  switch on your magic machine – and your head and your heart will say –

“Tell me a story.”

© Ann Ridley. 25th Feb 2023.

Here is an example of how stories can be told by combining poetry, performance and Hive Storytellers’ production at its best.

Northumbria was a mighty task…

Written and performed by
Michael Kean

If you are interested in joining us or would like to know more about live performances or fantastical trails you can Contact Us

Are you interested in audio drama?

Hive is looking for you!

We need people who are interested in any or all aspects of audio drama. We need actors, writers, producers, directors, sound effects (foley) artists, technicians, musicians – literally anyone who would like to be involved in the production of audio drama for Hive Storytellers podcasts.

No experience necessary