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These are family trails for children and the young at heart.

Find the characters around the trail, listen to their stories, complete the quiz and solve an anagram.

You will need a smart phone with internet access to hear the stories.

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Previous Trails

North marine Park

Friday 8th to Sunday 10th December 2023

North Marine Park
South Shields

Comments of Visitors
Friday 8th December
  • It was really fun and I would love to experience again (heart and smiley face). I loved seeing my daughter’s and friends doors in the park
  • Was very good and had lovely doors. It was lovely to participate.
Saturday 9th December
  • Very entertaining, excellent standard
  • Loved ‘Jack Frost’ and ‘Snowflake Fairy’. Loved the doors!
  • Incredible, we really enjoyed it! Highly recommend
Comments of Visitors
  • Lovely dialogue, the fairy doors were gorgeous, and the staff were so kind Thank you
  • We loved it! Our 7 year old ran to listen to each story. He liked Jack Frost!
Sunday 10th December
  • 7 year old found enjoyable perfect length for age
  • Lovely interactive trail to engage children on a walk
  • Brilliant engaging stories
  • Really good time
  • Fantastic
  • Good Fun!
  • Really enjoyed it! Great Art work and really good voices!! Wonderful!
  • Fantastic art. All fantastic writing, acting and art! A great experience and project!  More please!

Hirst Park

Monday 10th to Thursday 13th April

Hawthorn Road
NE63 9BA

Comments of Visitors
Monday 10th April
  • Enjoyed being a part of the project and coming to see it all in place. Very inspirational
  • It was a brilliantly fun and unique experience!  We really enjoyed the recordings and characters.  The artwork was beautiful.
  • “It was really good. My favourite character was the fox!”
Tuesday 11th April
  • “My favourite character was the fox”
  • It was fun looking for the clues and the animals. My favourite was the badger, fox and picnic basket
  • Today was fun when me and my friend were running to find pictures and when I won the Easter egg
  • Today was really fun the kids really enjoyed exploring the different animals.  Thank you for letting us join in
  • Really enjoyed it the only complaint is it could be more accessible for phones which do not have QR scan enabled. Other than that, really good (Smiley Face)
  • Today the kids really enjoyed exploring the park with all the different animals  we had lots of fun
  • I loved walking around the park finding all the different characters. The hedgehog was my favourite
  • The kids really enjoyed exploring the park, finding the clues and listening to the stories. A fantastic activity (Smiley face)
  • We all had a wonderful time discovering the park and listening to the audio. We hope that there are more activities like this in the future
  • It has been nice to see families using the park – great idea
  • It has been a great activity for my kids. Great idea and lovely staff too. Thanks
  • Brilliant activity. Lots of fun!
  • Lovely staff, very helpful. Thanks!
  • Brilliant activity, Great Fun!
Comments of Visitors
  • Excellent trail, easy to access/use, nice variety of voices and props
  • It was a great day all round
  • Fantastic exploring and discovery of characters in a lovely natural setting
  • Well thought out, v. easily accessible characters child height a plus point. Very enjoyable
  • Thoroughly enjoyable- variety of voices excellent- I liked the educational aspects
Wednesday 12th April
  • Nature enjoyed
  • Enjoyed trail
  • I liked the snail – I liked his story and voice
  • Wor Ruthie’ appreciated. They spoke authentic – lovely voices
  • Fantastic trail, enjoyed looking at the different characters
  • Fabulous idea – great exercise – great doors!
  • Great fun, friendly staff and very helpful. Loved the squirrel door most of all.
  • Fantastic way to spend time in the park. My nephew was in charge of the map and my niece looked after the clues. Great ideas to have plants as the prizes which helps our environment as well.
  • The most Geordie thing I’ve ever heard. Kids loved running about and the flowers are a lovely touch.
Thursday 13th April
Great fun in a beautiful setting. Thank you!
Great fun we really enjoyed this Great family fun! Thank you!!
My girls loved this and finding the doors etc. Fab time had.
The kids really enjoyed it because it was adventurous


June 2022 and Summer 2022

Fisher Lane,
NE23 8AU

Working with Northumberland Wildlife Trust and Enchanted Cramlington

The opening of the trail

Find out more about visiting Northumberlandia

The Lady of the North
Comments of Visitors
  • We really enjoyed the trail. The children didn’t get bored and the adults were just as delighted.
  • My son is 8 and we enjoyed walking around the woodland with our dog. He enjoyed listening to the stories and it kept him engaged on our walk. He liked the funny characters and the soldier dragon at the end was his favourite. He liked seeing the doors too! I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a lovely trail.
  • Friendly, helpful staff. Great adventure around the trail incorporating all the different play aspects.  Easy finding for the little ones and easy listening to keep them entertained.
  • We had a fantastic time. We had a 6 + 4-year-old who were fully engrossed in the story and characters. So informative + fun!  Thankyou! – They said it was so fun!
  • “We had so much fun and the fairies made me laugh” fantastic for the little ones, really engaging. Thank you.
  • Fun for all the family.  Great price and so much fun
  • Really enjoyed the woodland trail, hearing and meeting all the characters! Mr Prickles was our favourite!

Hareside School

Easter 2023

Hareside Primary School
Whitelea Glade, Cramlington
NE23 6BL

Comments from some of the Parents
  • Fun trail, Have to look High and Low to spot all the characters
  • It was lovely to see and hear fist hand what my daughter and her friends have done in school.  They are all very imaginative
  • Absolutely brilliant trail.  So much fun and brilliant characters. Really enjoyable trail which was interactive and fun for both children and adults.
  • We really enjoyed the trail, it was fun and the characters were very interesting.
  • It was lovely to see and hear all of the hard work everyone put in.
What the Pupils had to say
  • ​I loved the trail and thought it was fun and my favorite character was Flutterina and Squiff.
  • I really enjoyed the trail.  I thought it was very fun and can’t wait for everyone else to enjoy it so we can share all our ideas
  • Really good!  I love the characters.  Also I’d wish to do it again.
  • Enjoyed it, I loved going around school school and listening to the characters.
  • This was very fun, I enjoyed going around and collecting information. My favourite character was Squiff
  • This activity was very enjoyable and exciting! If I had the choice I would definatley do this activity again!  I think it would definatley inspire more creative writing!  Loved this activity!
  • I enjoyed the trail because I liked having to find the hidden word  I hope we can do it in year 4!
  • I liked how the voices were fun!
  • I liked how we got to go round the playground and find them.
  • ​I loved how there was a mixture of the voices adults and year 4s.
  • I liked when we were listening to the voices theyn sounded proper good with the sounds effects.
  • ​I liked how we did it in groups when we went around.
  • I liked all the pictures that were spreaded out to find.
  • I liked how the characters talked

Cramlington Town Council

July 25th  2023

Diamond Birthday Celebration
Fantastical Trail

Comment Book
  • Very engaging and entertaining. My children really enjoyed listening to all the characters.  Amazing fun, Thankyou!
  • So fun recommended for all ages
  • It was really fun the adventure was great
  • It was fun  I loved the dragons
  • Kept the kids engaged  The use of the phone and art plus story appealed to my age range of 8 to 15
Comment Book
  • Having attended all previous sessions, this trail does not disappoint.  Good luch to you all and another excellent trail.
  • We had a fantastic time.  Would recommend this for SEN kids 100%.  Thank you xx
  • I think it was great
  • Very enjoyable fantastic for children.
  • “I really liked the dragon!”  Thank you for a lovely time.
  • A great fun trail.
  • Very clever interactive trail
  • (A. Age 5)  Its hard and pretty complicated
  • (R. Age 4)  It was fun, great fun
  • (Gran)         It was very good but speeches were too long for young children
  • Thank you for the lovely trail We really enjoyed it – Very good (Smiley Face)